The compensation wire is compared with the general axial the

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       Yuyao Senhao Cable Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 and has a history of 21 years. It is engaged in the R & D, production and sales of industrial automation instruments, thermocouple (micro series diameter q0.25-8mm), thermal resistance, compensation wire, electric heating pipe, heating ring, hot runner heating pipe, resistance wire, thermocouple for various industries.

Our products with "Senhao" as the main brand, can be widely used in glass, metallurgy, steel, petrochemical, cement, power, plastics, food and other industries. Products from the beginning of selection is very strict, 21 years of experience, we have formed a wide and stable procurement channels in the industry, to ensure the quality of products.
Li Xingwang, vice president of hardware and electrical branch of Yuyao chamber of Commerce and general manager of Senhao, has always believed in being a man first, then a friend and then doing business. No matter whether the customer is on the phone or in person, no matter how much or how small the single amount is, our product quality, delivery, etc. can realize the one-stop worry free service system of production, supply, sales and after-sales. So today, Yuyao Rongcheng iron and Steel Group, Hebei Zhongjie Petrochemical Group, Dagang Oilfield, Dazhou seamless steel pipe group, Yuyao Kangshifu Dingyi International Food Co., Ltd., Xingang ship, Yuyao FAW Toyota automobile and other well-known enterprises have been our long-term cooperative enterprises, and our sales network has spread over more than 20 provinces and cities in China.
Metal thermocouple has the advantages of good linear relationship between temperature and potential, reliable thermal stability and low price. It can directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gas medium. It can partly replace Pt Rh thermocouple as an ultra-high temperature measurement tool for high-tech metallurgical industry, high-temperature electronic thermoelectric system structural engineering, space vehicle and nuclear reactor.
The temperature measurement principle of thermal resistance is based on the characteristic that the resistance of conductor or semiconductor changes with temperature to measure temperature and temperature related parameters. Most thermistors are made of pure metal materials. At present, platinum and copper are widely used. Now, nickel, manganese and rhodium have been used to make thermistors. Thermal resistance usually needs to transmit the resistance signal to the computer control device or other secondary instruments through the lead wire.
The surface thermal resistance temperature sensing element is made of specially treated resistance wire material and is close to the end face of the thermometer. Compared with the general axial thermal resistance, it can reflect the actual temperature of the measured end face more accurately and quickly, and is suitable for measuring the end face temperature of bearing bush and other parts. Through the junction box with special structure, the explosion of explosive gas mixture inside the shell due to spark or arc is limited in the junction box, so the production site will not lead to excessive explosion. The thermal resistance can be used to measure the temperature in the area of bla-b3c with explosion danger.
The difference between the temperature measurement principle of thermal resistance and that of thermocouple is that the thermal resistance is based on the thermal effect of resistance, that is, the resistance value of resistance body changes with the change of temperature. Therefore, the temperature can be measured as long as the resistance change of thermal resistance is measured. At present, there are two kinds of metal thermistor and semiconductor thermistor.
In comparison, the temperature coefficient of thermistor is larger, and the resistance value at room temperature is higher (usually more than thousands of Ohm), but the interchangeability is poor and the nonlinearity is serious. The temperature measurement range is only about - 50 ~ 300 ℃. It is widely used for temperature detection and control of household appliances and automobiles. It is widely used in measuring metal resistance in the range of - 200 ℃. It is very reliable and can be used in the temperature range of - 200 ℃.


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