Silicone wire but hot dip galvanizing is more durable

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This is mainly reflected in: the punching mesh of steel plate is also made by hot soaking, but after it is taken out, the temperature is increased to about 500 ℃ immediately, so that it can form zinc and iron round hole mesh. Among them, it is widely used. We can produce round mesh with different specifications in the form of roll or sheet, and provide a series of perfect follow-up processing. The surface of cold galvanizing is more beautiful than that of hot galvanizing. Long round hole: staggered long round hole is mainly used for solid screening. Its advantage is that the working face can adhere to the original steel, does not deform, the air dyeing is very small, and the parts are easy to form. Therefore, the excellent stamping performance can be obtained by using the method of temperature effect.
For some products of stainless steel punching plate, the surface gloss of stainless steel plate is often directly used. In order to avoid surface damage during external pressure, ethylene coating or treated steel plate is usually used to prevent surface defects. Because the production cost will affect the profit. Stainless steel sieve plate products are very important. The following is to talk about several different methods of galvanizing: punching mesh home hot dip galvanizing: the punching mesh immersed in the molten zinc bath, so that its surface adheres to a layer of zinc thin steel. It is mainly used in petrochemical, food, water treatment and other industries. The zinc coated plate has excellent adhesion and welding function.
Oblong hole: (straight row) straight row long round hole is mainly used in vibrating screen and filtration. But hot dip galvanizing is more internal use. Besides, hot dip galvanizing is divided into two plating methods: hot dipping and hot blowing. Hot dip galvanizing, as the name implies, is to plate at a warm temperature. Annealing is about forming. If your request is suitable, we will supply similar products with your approval. Because of its small heat conduction and large thermal expansion (austenite system), water-soluble oil with excellent cooling performance is selected. The defects are that the investment is large, hydrogen embrittlement is easy to occur inside the metal, the heat generated by electrolysis is not easy to be carried out (the current distribution is uneven), and the distance between the mold and the part to be etched(
Metal etching is to use strong acid or alkali solution to directly corrode the unprotected parts of the workpiece, which is now a more widely used method. Hexagon hole of punching net: hexagon hole can greatly improve the hole rate. After melting the zinc into liquid state, immerse the base metal into it, so that the zinc and the base metal will form mutual penetration, which is very close, and it is not easy to leave other impurities or defects in the middle. It is similar to that the two materials melt together at the coating position. Moreover, the coating thickness is large, and the high temperature line can reach 100 μ M. therefore, the corrosion resistance is high. The salt spray test for 96 h has no problem, which is equivalent to the normal environment The next 10 years; while cold galvanizing is carried out at room temperature, the process is not to mention. Although the thickness of the coating can be controlled, the bonding strength and thickness of the coating are relatively low, so the corrosion resistance is poor. All kinds of galvanized punching net is widely used in school desks and chairs, which is practical and beautiful, but also extends the service life, which is incomparable with wooden seats. Many people may know that stainless steel sieve plate is annealed. The raw material of stainless steel sieve plate passes through high temperature annealing furnace. In this way, the steel plate punching mesh will have certain firmness, which will have a positive impact in the future use. When the product is subject to important applications, we can also help the product achieve high-quality production, meet the user's demand, and then the quality will be doubled. The punching mesh of a very thin steel plate is immersed in a bath with melted zinc, so that a layer of zinc is adhered to its surface.
Its advantage is that the etching depth can be deep and shallow, and the etching speed is fast. Stainless steel punching plate has high yield strength and tensile strength. Austenitic stainless steel of high temperature line has large work hardening, which is easy to cause springback and transverse tool damage. Therefore, the humidity, stiffness and wear resistance of stainless steel must be excellent. Aluminum bronze (PVD, CVD surface treatment) is usually used. What problems should be paid attention to when choosing punching plate? Punching plate has good sound insulation function and is widely used. As we all know, the punching net is made of punching die and needle punching machine. At present, continuous galvanizing process is mainly used, that is, the coil products are continuously immersed in the bath with zinc melting to make galvanized products. Nowadays, continuous zinc coating is usually used for production, that is, many steel plates are always immersed in the bath with molten zinc, and then made into galvanized steel plates. The defect is that the corrosive solution has a great influence on the environment.
Next, we will discuss with you about the selection of sound insulation board. Hot dip galvanizing is expensive, cold galvanizing is cheap, and the color of cold galvanizing is relatively bright. It adopts stainless steel plate, cold rolled steel plate and stainless steel molding, and the surface is sprayed with plastic. The color of Haoguan punching sound-absorbing board can be selected by customers, or it can be directly made by punching with color steel plate. The quality of the punching die plays a very important role in the working process. The die is composed of upper die, bottom die and accessories. Features of the eight shaped punching net: the multi-layer sand control filter sleeve has sand control performance, which can better block sand particles in formation and meet the requirements of underground sand control. The galvanized steel plate made by electroplating has excellent workability.
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